President Message

Apr 23, 2012

Dear readers, colleagues, members and friends of Croatian Engineering Association, HIS,

Once again, we wish you a successful 2015, and to all members and members of our members we wish a lot of business success and qualitative associating in the interest of the profession.

It is our pleasure to present to you the short overview of the activities and the achieved results in the previous year in our web page, and addresses also some of the upcoming activities and challenges that are awaiting us.

What worries us lately is the fact that not enough engineers and their qualitative contribution have been included in the decision-making in the society. Evidently, the consequence is obstruction of the development of the technology and economy.

Europe is still going through a severe economic and financial crisis which has a negative impact on the society in many aspects. Competency as a result of higher education is the only solution for surpassing this bad economic situation in which we are today. 

HIS, through its engineering resources, can and should help by contributing to the recognition of higher education as an inevitable part of the exit from the crisis of unemployment.

Today, the structure and quality of the higher education in Europe is more comparable and even more compatible. The grade while evaluating is maybe not always realistic or can sometimes be even lower because of the insufficient information. Subsequently, one of the consequences is restrained investment policy in the country in which one cannot expect qualitative personnel and support to investment realization that rely mostly on advanced technology in the interest of cost-efficiency. 

HIS seeks and manages to contribute to the building of trust in the quality of education of engineers, which finally contributes to a better comparison of education, learning outcome and competency in the technical professions. At the same time, it ensures desirable mobility which consequently enables employment and mobility necessary for the overall development of the European Union and Croatia itself.

Internationalization, harmonization of competencies and awareness of the possibilities of technical professions is the key solution to a better future.

We invite students of technical higher education institutions, engineers of all professions, entrepreneurs, scientists and all of you who make decisions on development and economy policy to join  


2 March 2015

organized by Croatian Engineering Association and Croatian Academy of Engineering, under the auspice of Croatian Academy of Science and Art, trying to accomplish better understanding of the possibilities of engineering professions and their historically recognized and applied ability to adapt engineering  methods and technologies to aims and goals of society as a whole.

Prof.dr.Vjera Krstelj,
HIS, President


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