Apr 10, 2015

Gathering and joining of engineering societies with an aims and objectives in protection, development and promotion of engineering profession, assuring thereupon an understandings in significance and influence of engineering proffesion to economy growth and the quality of life enhancement.


The positioning of Croatian Engineering Association, HIS, to be representative of Croatian engineers of different professions and facilitate the sinergy in activities.


The strategy objectives of short and long terms will be under persistent consideration thereafter to be affirmed at Association meetings since the achievement of this association depends upon common pursuit of its members;

The objectives could be attributed to the following activities :

– Gathering of engineering societies for engineering profession to attain development and also for    heralding the ethics of this profession.
– Maintaining influence upon conclusions in scientific, proffessional and public opinion related to     topics and/or questions in economy, technique, production etc.
– Attending about education necessities and possibilities at all level of education minding the further   specialisations in technical proffesion
– Aiming and assisting in technical education and specialization
– Animating the initiatives of Association members being involved in scientific and/or research field   of work
– Organizing the cooperation with organizations having interest in engineering profession
– Taking concern for cooperation with national and international organizations for benefiting with     exchange of information and for partaking in projects of mutual interest
– Reporting about projects, feasibility studies, development plans, technical rules and regulations   and of any relevant subjects by means of questioning and/or by decision for such activity
– Editing professional news

All HIS members are kindly asked to be indulgent of indispensable need for surveying strategy objectives, then for suggesting improvement for HIS what will echo in better positioning of engineers. It will help in the impressive outcome that could be expected of engineers in contributing for the brighter life if engineering ethics will prevail.

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