About us

Apr 20, 2012

The Scope and the main Objectives

  • Act as the voice of the community of engineers in Croatia promoting and protecting interests of the engineering branch
  • Represent the Croatian engineering community in meetings with European engineering comunity and related bodies
  • To affirm the professional identity of the engineers of Croatia by ensuring that professional qualifications of engineers are acknowledged in Europe and worldwide
  • To strive for a single voice for the engineering profession of Europe, whilst acknowledging its diversity
  • Encourage contacts between engineering societies in Europe and other organisations with an interest in engineering technology
  • Promote the importance of engineering technology and related research, development, training, certification and accreditation to improve reliability and safety of all the engineered items which are essential to everyday living
  • Gathering and unite all technical forces for the common benefit and general wellbeing,
  • Organise and support organisation of conferences and seminars in the engineering technology and other educational programs
  • Provide support in encouraging and endorse education and the advancement in both research and development activities
  • Promote the execution of R&D projects and their exploitation
  • Promote acreditation and certification systems for personnel and organisations in Europe
  • Encourage publishing activities, News, Journals and reports
  • Encourage contacts between engineering profession and other non technical professions
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