Engineering Card

Apr 20, 2012

The purpose and aim of Engineering Card is:

  •  mobility of engineers, especially within the European Union and on the European market

Engineering Card:

  • enables quick verification of education level
  • replaces complicated and time-consuming collection of documents (degrees, recommendations etc.)
  • facilitates employment to engineers by quick validation of their professional competency

Croatian Engineering Association  (HIS) is authorized national partner of FédérationEuropéenne d’ Associations Nationales d’ Ingénieurs (FEANI) in the process of recognition of higher education and levels of competency by issuing Engineering Card. In that way HIS supports and promotes the mobility of engineers within and outside borders of the European Union.

All interested candidates shall apply for Engineering Card and submit necessary evidence on their higher education level and individual engineering titles gained upon completion of studies at the higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia

For that purpose, HIS:

  • Manages all activities related to issuing of Engineering Card in accordance with regulations of the Republic of Croatia (RH), HIS Statute and FEANI methodology
  • Proposes study programmes accredited in the Republic of Croatia which are to be included in FEANI INDEX
  • Maintains electronic database which supports the issuing of the Engineering Card
  • Disseminates information occurring from the process to all interested parties
  • Designates a Committee for resolving any kind of complaints
  • Reaches final decisions related to qualifications assessment
  • Submits reports to FEANI on every Engineering Card issued and cooperates with FEANI bodies during the external assessments of issuing process
  • Provides verification of authenticity of documents submitted by candidates and promptly issues Cards to candidates who have fulfilled all necessary requirements
  • Promotes Engineering Cards
  • Initiates continuous improvement of the system

ROME / BRUXELLES, 5 October 2012 – At the Assembly of European Federation of National Engineering Association (FEANI), HIS and eight other associations from the EU signed an Agreement on issuing of Engineering Card.

The applicant can use the below mentioned instructions for filling-in the application for issuing the card. Should you have any questions about the Engineering Card, please send an e-mail to:

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