Apr 19, 2012


FEANI is an non-profitable association (AISBL) founded in 1951 and registered in Brussels, whose members are National Societies from European countries. The FEANI headquarters is at Av. R. Vandendriecssche 18, BE-1150 Brussels, Belgium.

FEANI accepts only one National Member per European country.

The Croatian association, HIS is one of the full member of FEANI.

Each National Member has a seat in the General Assembly, GA, which is the supreme decision making body of FEANI; GA meets at least once a year in one of the members country.

The affairs of FEANI are governed by FEANI Statutes/Articles approved by the Belgian government and published in Le Moniteur Belge.

Every three years, the GA elects the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and the Executive Board (comprising of two FEANI Committees’ Chairmens and additionally of 6 members) for the following three years. Nominations are received from the members of the GA.

Two FEANI Committees are:

  • The Committee for Continuing Proffessional Development, CPDC,
  • European Monitoring Committee, EMC,

Today associations from 32 European countries are represented in FEANI, bringing together more than 350 national engineering associations, all of which are recognised in their countries as the representatives of the engineering profession at the national level. Through these national associations, FEANI represents the interests of approximately 6,700.000 professional engineers in Europe.

FEANI is a founding member of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, WFEO, and collaborates with many other organisations dealing with engineering and technology issues and engineering education.

FEANI is officially recognised by the European Commission as representing the engineering profession in Europe. The federation also has consultative status with UNESCO, UNIDO and the Council of Europe.

Details of FEANI can be found at www.feani.org.



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